Hawkes Bay


Location of samples collected to date in the Hawkes Bay region

The Hawkes Bay Region is situated on the east coast of the North Island. The Hawke’s Bay region (approx. 1.42 million hectares) includes the hilly coastal land around the northern and central bay, the floodplains of the Wairoa River in the north, the wide fertile Heretaunga Plains around Hastings in the south, and a hilly interior stretching up into the Kaweka and Ruahine Ranges. The climate is warm (average daily maximum and minimum temperatures in February are 24.1 oC and 14.5 oC and in July are 14.1 and 4.6 oC. The region receives an average yearly rainfall of 803 mm.

Ten of the 15 soil orders in the NZ soil classification system can be found in Hawke’s Bay varying form Pallic dominated soils in the South of the Region to a mixture of brown and pumic soils in the north and closer to the Taupo Volcanic Zone, reflecting the rich geology of the region.

Below:  DNA has already been collected from 330 soil samples located at 66 sites within the Hawkes Bay Region.



Barry Lynch (Hawkes Bay Regional Council) coordinates the collection of all soil samples from the Hawkes Bay Region


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