Thinking of Joining us?

Whilst we may have funding available to support promising students, individuals interested in completing research in our laboratory are encouraged to investigate the following sources of research funds:

Graduate Students

University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarships

NZAID study awards and postgraduate scholarships

New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships

Commonwealth scholarships

University of Auckland Fulbright Scholarships

University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship

QEII National Trust Scholarship (for advancement of conservation on NZ open space covenant land)

Post-Doctoral Positions

Rutherford Foundation Post-Doctoral Positions

LEARN Post-Doctoral Scholarships

AGMARDT fellowships

Country Specific Awards

New Zealand Pacific Scholarship (Select countries in the Pacific region)

George Mason / UC Davis / University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship (USA)

China Scholarship Council (China)

Chilean Bicentennial Scholarships (Chile)

Colfuturo (Colombia)

German Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst Scholarships (Germany)

University of Auckland Fulbright Scholarship (USA)

University of Auckand Commonwealth Scholarship (Canada/UK)

Asian Development Bank Japan Scholarship (Select countries in Pacific/Asia region)

For more information on available scholarships, please visit Auckland Universities scholarships database


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